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Protecting Your Business is Less Expensive in the Long Run

Whether you’re a start-up or a well established business, when was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverages?  What is your liability if you’re hit with a data breach?  Did your policy protect you from mandatory shutdowns?  Do you have income protection?    

Everything we do in life has some measure of risk.  From driving a car, to going up and down stairs, or walking on an icy sidewalk, everything has a risk factor to it (some greater than others).  Being in business is no different, and without the proper structure and protection in place, you can open your personal assets up to additional risk factors.   

Through our strategic partnerships, we evaluate your current insurance solutions, look for areas where you can improve protection and/or mitigate additional risk, then develop a comprehensive solution surrounding your business processes.

How to Effectivly Play the Insurance & Benefits Game

Do you offer employee benefits?  Are your employees or employee prospects asking about benefits?  As a solo business owner, do you have individual life, health, and disability insurance?  Do you have or offer a retirement plan?  As a small business, can you afford to offer health insurance to your employees?  

If not, you’re not alone.  What are your options?  Who do you trust to navigate such a complex piece of your business?

At ROI Consulting, we keep things simple.  Through our strategic partnerships, we provide turn-key solutions for your needs.  From Voluntary Employee Benefits (employees select which benefits they want, it’s payroll deducted, and saves the employer having to pay the associated payroll tax), to retirement plans, and individual insurance products, leveraging the experience of our strategic partners, we structure a plan that fits your unique needs.

 Let us take on the burden of finding the right fit for you.