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Technology can be complicated.
We like to keep it simple: 
minimize cost, 
maximize speed,
 and prevent down time.

How We Can Help You



Virtual Desktops

Website Services

Protect Your Network Or Pay The Price

Ransomeware is the biggest threat facing businesses today, and no one is exempt.  Zero-day attacks are most prevalent among big businesses, but small to medium businesses without the budget for enterprise level cybersecurity are a favorite target of thieves and state actors.

We often hear statements like, “we’re just a small, local business” or “we don’t have anything worth stealing.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Business data, bank account information, client data… the list goes on, and if you no longer have access to any of that data, how will you conduct business?

Let us audit your network/infrastructure for security weaknesses, and we’ll provide a comprehensive threat assessment, as well as recommendations on how to resolve the vulnerabilities and protect yourself.

Aging Infrastructure is a HUGE Risk

Old desktops, laptops, or other devices laying around?  Have they been cleaned of data?  When was the last time the servers, firewall, domain controller, etc. were replaced?  Who’s responsible for this stuff?

Infrastructure is a vital, yet complex part of your network.  Aging equipment or software can lead to vulnerabilities, exposing sensitive data that can be exploited.  

We review your hardware, software, and services to make sure you’re receiving everything outlined in your contracts, identify areas that have technologically fallen behind, and ensure you’re meeting compliance requirements.  We can also assist in recycling that old equipment.

Cloud Costs Less

Do we have on-site servers?  How much do they cost to maintain/upgrade?  How much do we pay the IT guy to manage everything?  What happens if there’s a fire?  Do we have off-site backups?

A virtual desktop environment means almost all of your IT needs have moved to a cloud environment, meaning you’ve transferred a lot of risk and responsibility to a 3rd party platform.  Not all cloud services are created equal.  Some may be HIPAA and PCI compliant, while others may not be, and there is a lot of research involved to ensure you make the right choice.

We make transitioning to the cloud simple.  We review your current needs, and present options that will best suit your situation, freeing up your time to focus on growing business instead of learning acronyms.

A Website Isn't Anything Without Traffic

With so many platforms for designing websites out there, anyone can do it, right?  Funnels, Landing Pages, CRM, Surveys, Marketing Campaigns, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, SQL… it can be quite overwhelming!   

Maybe you already have a website.  How much traffic is it getting?  A website isn’t effective if it doesn’t have any visitors.  Meta tags, Search Engine Optimization, and overall design play a big part in not only whether people can find you, but also in their engagement level.

We design, build, and optimize websites that use funnels, landing pages, and questionnaires to capture prospect data, deliver that data into a CRM, and automatically add the prospect to your pipeline, email/text campaigns, etc.